Full Madden 19 Season Simulation

The start of the 2018 NFL season is underway, and what better method to try to predict who will take home NFL glory this season than a Madden season simulation. Now that the Madden 19 live roster update has been released, here is the third annual season simulation of Madden; an in-depth look at how the EA Sports product predicts how this season will play out.


General Awards

NFL MVP: Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles
Coach of the Year: Doug Marrone, Jacksonville Jaguars


OPOY: Le’Veon Bell, RB Pittsburgh Steelers
DPOY: Dont’a Hightower, LB New England Patriots
OROY: Josh Allen, QB Buffalo Bills
DROY: Tremaine Edmunds LB Buffalo Bills


OPOY: Carson Wentz, QB Philadelphia Eagles
DPOY: Aaron Donald, DT LA Rams
OROY: Saquon Barkley, RB NY Giants
DROY: Roquan Smith, LB Chicago Bears

Top Offensive Numbers Individually

Passing Yards: Tom Brady, New England Patriots – 4,589
Passing TDs: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers – 39
Rushing Yards: Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers – 1,504
Rushing TDs: Le’Veon Bell and Leonard Fournette from the Steelers and Jaguars – 13
Receiving Yards: Keenan Allen – 1,280
Receiving TDs: Michael Thomas – 12

Top Defensive Numbers Individually

QB Sacks: Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams – 21
Defensive TDs: Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals – 3
Interceptions: Tre’Davious White, Buffalo Bills – 9
Forced Fumbles: Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears – 8
Safeties: Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears – 2




Wild Card Games


Chargers vs. Steelers: Chargers win 41-28
Raiders vs. Broncos: Raiders win 42-3


Packers vs. Eagles: Packers win 24-10
Falcons vs. Bears: Falcons win 35-21

Divisional Round Games


Chargers vs. Jaguars: Jaguars win 26-20
Raiders vs. Patriots: Patriots win 35-14


Packers vs. Rams: Rams win 37-34
Falcons vs. Saints: Saints win 34-23

Conference Championship Games

Patriots vs. Jaguars: Patriots win 24-10
Saints vs. Rams: Saints win 28-21

Super Bowl 53


We have ourselves a Super Bowl 53 matchup between the Patriots and the Saints!

First Quarter Action

Stephen Gostkowski kicks off Super Bowl 53.

Drew Brees storms the Saints down the field to start the game, but it ultimately ends in a field goal.

Tom Brady starts his first drive of Super Bowl 53 by hitting Philip Dorsett down the field for 47 yards on his first play of the game. A few more plays and first downs later (including a 17-yard gain over the middle to tight end Rob Gronkowski), the Patriots have found themselves in the end-zone for the first time for either team in the game. The drive ends with Brady handing the ball off to RB James White who scampers into the end-zone with an 8-yard score.

Brady looks for revenge in Super Bowl 53

Second Quarter Action

The teams continue to share several empty possessions to start the second quarter, but Brees and the Saints look determined to gain back the lead.

Late in the second quarter, Brees find Benjamin Watson down the field for a huge gain of 37 yards which sets up an Alvin Kamara red-zone rush. Easily, Kamara sprints into the end-zone for the touchdown to put the Saints up 10-7 going into halftime. A low-scoring affair so far.

Third Quarter Action

Cordarelle Patterson sets up the Patriots on their first drive of the 3rd quarter with a 47-yard kickoff return. Brady and the Patriots run a few more plays but are unable to do anything against the Saints’ defense.

More and more empty possessions take place as the third quarter winds down. Brees takes the Saints all the way downfield as they dominate the final four minutes of the quarter, but only walk away with another field goal.

Saints running back Alvin Kamara is stuffed near the red-zone as New Orleans settles for another field goal


Punts, punts, and more punts take place in the 4th quarter as any action worth noting about happens in the final five minutes of the game.

It’s at this point where Brady looks to start another drive (down by six). He starts by finding White on a hook route, an unsuspecting place to make a catch on the field. Nevertheless, this results in a huge first down.

The Patriots succumb to the Saints defense and Gronkowski hauls in a seven-yard catch on 3rd and 14 to set up a made field goal from Gostkowski. The Saints would take over up by three points with 3:14 left.

The Pats make a huge stop which sets themselves up at a shot at destiny – the two-minute drill to win the Super Bowl. Things like this don’t come easy, though. Saints’ punter Thomas Morstead sticks his punt at the four-yard line, meaning Brady needs to go 96 yards in the last 1:48. They have two timeouts.

Brady starts his drive with a gain of nine to Philip Dorsett.

Gronkowski then makes a huge play over the middle for a gain of 30 yards as the Patriots show the glimmer of hope that could help them win the game. A holding call, a sack, and a false start penalty all have the Patriots recording a 20-yard gain to Chris Hogan, and then a 12-yard catch by James White. All of this sets up a 4th and 12 from the 46-yard line. For some reason, Brady decides to go down-field to the end-zone even with a timeout left: the play doesn’t go as planned.

And the ball game is over!!! Brees kneels this one out and the Saints are Super Bowl champions!! We knew the Saints had a good defense, but not even the Eagles could tame the Patriots offense in Superbowl 52!

Brees and the Saints celebrate their second Superbowl in the last decade

*Other Superbowl notes:

  • Gronk led all pass catchers with just 70 yards
  • Brady throws just 221 yards in the loss
  • Brees with 245 passing yards

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