How to Make NBA Super Teams Go Away

If the super team stigma has you annoyed, then this article will intrigue you. With the back-to-back champion Golden State Warriors signing yet another top-tier player in DeMarcus Cousins last Monday, adding him to a roster that’s loaded as is; thus, the definition of a juggernaut is complete.

When LeBron James went to the Miami Heat in the summer of 2010, he started a trend that has become a revolution (no, the Boston Celtics didn’t start it, and neither did the 2003-04 Lakers, who signed Hall-of-Famers Karl Malone and Gary Payton that were past their primes).

With more and more fans not wanting to watch the NBA this upcoming season, the Warriors are almost guaranteed yet another Finals victory and summer league has barely started. I have a solution that will never see the light of day, yet makes sense to save the NBA from sinking even further than it has.

The Warriors starting line up is currently Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green. However, Cousins slides into the 5 as soon as he returns from his ACL tear, with Green dropping to the 4. As you can see, it’s an all-worldly creation.

Here’s an example that will help you understand how the NBA can eradicate these teams and make the league more competitive. Take Curry and his salary, for example, if Durant and Thompson were signed before Curry, the Warriors would be forced to pay a 25 percent penalty on that salary. Curry made $37.6 million last season, and if you do the math, 25% of 37.6 million is 9.4 million. Therefore, if the contract is four years guaranteed, then that would be an additional $36 million the Warriors would be forced to pay over the duration of said contract. If that player is traded to another team, the team receiving Curry would not be obligated to pay that penalty, but rather the Warriors would be forced to keep paying that penalty until the contract has expired.

There would be no better way to keep the NBA teams honest and ensure the league stays competitive. If I were the NBA commissioner, I would immediately make this a rule that applies to all teams regardless of market size. Remember when David Stern blocked the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers because it would make one team too lopsided? I cannot help but wonder what the league would look like if Stern were still the commissioner, and if he could set up a more even playing field.

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