What an NBA Team Would Look Like In Kansas City (Again)

Back in 1985, the Kansas City Kings relocated to Sacramento due to low attendance and revenue. Since then, Kansas City hasn’t had another professional basketball franchise. However, many NBA executives believe that if the league were to expand in the future, Kansas City would join Seattle as one of the two expansion cities.

Placing an NBA team in Kansas City is an excellent move for various reasons. First off, basketball’s popularity is already at an all-time high in the area with the success of the Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball program and other neighboring colleges. Secondly, the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame is located in downtown Kansas City next to the Sprint Center, which hosts the Big 12 tournament every March, drawing massive crowds inside and outside the arena.

Having the hall of fame there gives people something to check out before the game. In addition, across the street from the arena is the Power and Light District, which is a place where fans can watch the game, as well as eat and drink. This is a similar fan experience to Toronto’s Jurassic Park.

Kansas City’s downtown Sprint Center is the likely host for Kansas City’s NBA team. Photo courtesy of AEG Worldwide.

The biggest advantage of having a team in Kansas City is the fan support. The Royals have been considered one of the best fan bases in baseball during the last five seasons, especially in their 2014 and 2015 World Series runs. Plus, it’s been widely considered as the friendliest atmospheres in the MLB. Also, the Kansas City Chiefs have one of the best fan bases in all of the NFL. Arrowhead Stadium is currently the loudest outdoor stadium in the world, and Sporting Kansas City holds a similar claim in the MLS, selling out every home game each year. Point being, if you give Kansas City a winning team, fans will come.

As for the team itself, the rules for the NBA expansion draft is that you can have a minimum of 14 players and each team can protect up to eight players, so here’s how Kansas City’s roster could look like based on today’s rosters.

This is obviously a horrible roster since it’s an expansion team, but they would be in the position to get a top 3 pick to build for the future. Also, acquiring former Kansas and Kansas State players such as Mario Chalmers, Jacob Pullen, Ben McLemore, and Rodney McGruder would help sell tickets for their accomplishments playing basketball in the state of Kansas.

In full, the NBA being in Kansas City would be a great move by the NBA and has potential to grow the game of game of basketball NBA more and more, providing potential rivalries with Oklahoma City, Memphis, and Denver for years to come.

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