10 Best Coaching Rants in College Football History

We’ve all had those coaches in the past, whether it’s through pee-wee, middle school, or high school, that when you look like a disgrace on the field they let you know about in a very harsh way. Many coaches use this to motivate their team and players to increase their performance, or they rant to defend somebody on the team that may be treated very unfairly by the media. As players, when the coach gets extremely upset, we listen and become terrified to every single word they say. However, as sports fans, we see coach’s rants for the most part as humorous, simply because of how these coaches express themselves. In the case of college football, coaching rants are a weekly occurrence and one to cherish (if they’re entertaining).

With that said, here are the 10 best Coaching rants in College Football history.

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