10 Professional Sports Franchises That Need Relocation

The thought of expansion is always a trendy discussion point when talking about major professional sports franchises. Since the 1990’s, it seems that billionaires and big corporations have become more involved in striking deals and trying to get fans excited about sports teams reaching untapped markets. Nothing proves this point more than Houston receiving the Texans after the Oilers left, pro hockey returning back to the Twin Cities, Winnipeg, and Las Vegas, plus Los Angeles earning the Rams from St. Louis.

When the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB started to spread out and try their luck (or retry in some cases) in places like the Carolinas, Tampa Bay, Orlando, and San Jose, some of those leagues also started to displace teams that might not have captured a lot of trophies, but had rabid fans who still mourn their hometown heroes picking up and moving.

So here we are, a little over two decades since the major leagues started to redraw their maps, and a few teams (not all of them expanded, mind you) still have us scratching our heads and wondering if, geographically speaking, they could make more sense elsewhere. Some are young in sports years, while a couple has been around long enough that they deserve a place to call their own.

Here are the 10 current professional franchise that needs to relocate.

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