Complete 2017 NBA Finals Preview – With Staff Picks

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are ready to clash in a third straight Finals match-up; the first time that two teams have met three consecutive times in the NBA history.  For most viewers, this is the match-up they were waiting to see.  There has been plenty of talk about the lack of parity in the NBA. But the reality is that the NBA is at a healthy state of competition between teams. It is just that while there are 12-15 teams that are close to, or evenly-matched, there are two super teams that are head and shoulders above the rest (ie: this will change if the Spurs can somehow get Chris Paul without purging the entire roster and the Celtics can acquire Paul George, Jimmy Butler or Gordon Hayward). But enough about parity and time to focus on the two teams that remain.

Our set of writers: Steven Abramo, Jerome Williams and Noah Berketo, each break-down what you need to know about both Golden State and Cleveland, as well as the pivotal X-Factors, intriguing matchups and their overall prediction on this year’s Finals.

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