A Brief Appreciation Of Broadcasting Legend Brent Musburger

A great part of our adulthood or even childhood ended this past Tuesday night, when legendary National TV broadcaster Brent Musburger called it quits after broadcasting the Kentucky vs. Georgia basketball game on ESPN.

Musburger will be greatly missed as he dives into bigger and better things after retirement. For myself, I can fondly remember Musburger resonating as a staple in my youth, calling sporting events in such a unique and abstract manner. My favorite part of his style was his great call of “You are looking live!” during his various sporting events that he broadcasted. Most recently he used that phrase when he called ABC’s Saturday Night College Football games in the late 2000’s.

He is easily my favorite National TV broadcaster and I wish he wasn’t retiring. I’m too young to remember him doing other sports such as tennis and NBA but I do know he was behind the mic for Game 5 of the ALDS between the Yankees and Mariners in 1995. Possibly two of the greatest postseason baseball games ever played.

Musburger’s voice was made for broadcasting. There was something about the way he spoke that made you listen more then you would. He has basically done every main sport you can think of. He did it well and I don’t think we will have someone like him ever again.

The thing that hurts the most is the fact that Musburger becomes the fourth legendary broadcaster in a matter of six months to have retired, joining Vin Scully, Verne Lundquist and Dick Enberg. I don’t know who the next great broadcaster to retire in America will be. Bob Cole from Hockey Night in Canada is approaching 84, distinguished ESPN College Basketball broadcaster Dick Vitale is 77, and even Al Michaels, who has stepped into almost every sport for the past four decades with ABC and NBC is 72.

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