Biggest NBA Free Agency Steals And Disappointments So Far In 2016-17

The game of life carries a wide variety of definitions, terms, reflections and ideologies. It takes you, the individual, onto an exhausting ride of emotions, ranging from heartbreak to euphoria, to fear and suspense. There are no manuals or examples to live by. In order to be successful, you must adhere to the consequences and live your life the best way possible. In other words, life simply starts but doesn’t provide an appropriate end.

Nearly all of these steps can also be traced over to the game of basketball, and in more specific terms, NBA Free Agency. In the beginning, teams swap players in the way of million dollar contracts. While some are valued higher than others, each free agent is simply based off potential and prior performances. Much like in life, you’re at times placed in a situation over what you’ve accomplished in the past.

So far in the 2016-17 season, the more coveted free agent signings have resulted in a success for both parties, such as Kevin Durant’s journey to Golden State and Dwyane Wade’s migration to Chicago. However, there have been numerous deals that have surfaced as a mixed bag. For some teams, the players that they decided to choose has fit seamlessly into their roster, prospering in whatever role that’s been handed to them. But for others, the big money spending hasn’t exactly worked out as they would’ve liked and are now facing significant ramifications. Here are the current steals and disappointments of last summer’s free agency that have made serious impacts for teams so far through two months of play.

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