Cleveland Browns Find Themselves At A Crossroads

With only one playoff appearance in their 17 year history, the Cleveland Browns have established themselves as not only the worst franchise in the NFL, but also the worst franchise in all of North America.

This is not something that any fanbase or ownership group wants to be proud of. A .311 winning percentage is one of many epic disasters that have the Cleveland Browns going in every direction but up. In fact, they have only had three seasons where they were in the playoff hunt.

There has only been one season where they started one quarterback the entire season. That happened in 2001 with Tim Couch. With the deflating news that Robert Griffin III was put on injured reserve yesterday, the start of another tragic season is bound to remain the same.

When the Browns traded down and passed on California’s gunslinger Jared Goff, the move would have indicated that they were going a different direction at quarterback. However, Griffin’s banged up shoulder is an insult to injury for the Cleveland Browns franchise that is dying for success.

This week, the Browns are faced with a huge home opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Despite it being only Week Two, it is almost a must-win as Cleveland travels to Miami, Washington, Tennessee, and Cincinnati while hosting New England to close out Week Seven. Yes, while a 1-6 or 2-5 record is the most likely outcome, 0-7 wouldn’t come as a surprise. The Browns are a bad team and being interlocked in a competitive division doesn’t help things one bit.

We are one game into the season. 16 teams are 1-0. The other 16 are 0-1. However, for the Cleveland Browns, the obituary seems like it is already half written. Nothing will change until they have a stable quarterback – RG3 might be the answer, but his health always seems to be in question. They have a reputable running back in Isaiah Crowell, a steady tight end in Gary Barnidge, and an explosive, yet complexing wideout in Josh Gordon.

But something always has to give for Cleveland. They are a disaster from the bottom up. A revival is yearning to happen, but for now it looks bleak as drastic changes must be made. Because the current moves haven’t been working.

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