The Darwinism of NBA Bigs

Hoops Island

When I was eight years old, Jahlil Okafor was a 100 million dollar player. A legit seven footer who score and pass from the post was every coaches dream. What happened to the dominant big man? Are they really an expired species?

“Can you score doe? Bigs becoming Dinosaurs”

That was a tweet from Draymond Green. The 6’7 “tweener” used to be one of the most discarded players in the league. No real position, not great at anything, and who can they actually defend? Today, Green is the 6’7 play-making four that guards 1-5, and is the most important player on a team that just finished 73-9. He was subtweeting 7’0 Heat Center Hassan Whiteside is everything that would make GM’s from the early 2000’s gush over. Lengthy and strong big men who can score in the post, and block anything within a 5 foot radius of the rim. Today…

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