10 Teams With The Most To Prove In 2016

When people work as if they have something to prove, they are often very successful at what they are trying to accomplish. The same goes with sports. This includes having the determination to play your best in every game and perhaps maintaining an underdog mentality in the process.

Frustration and failure goes hand-in-hand with wanting to prove yourself and it can be a motivating factor. Every year, we see quality teams get beaten badly all the time, then bounce back the next game with a terrific performance. This can also take place with teams that are coming off disappointing seasons. Time and time again, college football has shown prime examples of that such as Ohio State receiving two thumping losses at the end of the 2013 season, to Michigan State (34-24) and Clemson (40-35). The next season, the Buckeyes looked like a team playing with a chip on its shoulder winning the national title in 2014. Heck, even the loss in the 2015 Sugar Bowl to those same Buckeyes sparked inspiration into Alabama’s eyes last season en route to taking home title No. 16 to Tuscaloosa.

Cases like that are the feel-good stories. But oftentimes it’s not always like that. There’s been many teams that enter the season with supposed astronomical expectations and fail short of living up to the hype, sustaining pitfalls along the way. That’s what college football brings to teams year in and year out. Here are the 10 teams entering 2016 who’ll be trying to avoid a slip on the radar and prove to the nation their worth.

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