Where Does Canada Stand in Women’s Soccer?

The Canadian Women’s Soccer team has picked up right where they left off in the 2012 Olympics, capturing three vital victories over Australia, Zimbabwe and just recently, Germany. This has put Canada in a great position to defend their Olympic Bronze medal which they secured in 2012.

After all of that, Canada is still not recognized as one of the top women’s soccer countries in the world. Currently ranked 10th in the world, John Herdman’s group certainly doesn’t play like it. Their 2-0 win against Australia — a game in which they played with 10 players — and a historic win yesterday over Germany might as well have been the country’s biggest triumphs in history.

It will be all more meaningless if Canada can semi-final this time around. As Women’s soccer stands now, they are 6-6 against teams that have either reached or won the past three Olympic finals. Those countries would be USA, Brazil, Germany, Japan, France and Sweden.

Canada wants to be in the conversation, and this Friday against France, will be a measuring stick of where Canada sits at an international level. More importantly, with Canadian hero Christine Sinclair, now 33, one has to wonder how many good opportunities she has left to make on the world stage.

If Canada wants to be in the elite of Women’s soccer, finding a way to back their Bronze medal in 2012 and their 2015 Quarterfinal appearance is absolutely crucial.

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