The Curious Case of Tanner Mangum


A typical Brigham Young offensive drive looks something like this.

First down. Inside run for a gain of two.

Second down. Inside run for a gain of three.

Third down. False start penalty.

Repeat third down. Tanner Mangum throws a deep bomb for a gain of 47 yards.

Rinse and repeat.

For the most part, this is how BYU’s offense was run last year. BYU lived and died by how well its true freshman quarterback was able to hit big plays. The term “true freshman” is used loosely because Tanner Mangum is anything but your average true freshman.

Five years ago, Tanner Mangum was one of the most heralded quarterback recruits in the country.

He was rated as the third-best pro-style quarterback in the country, per the 247 Composite, and earned a four-star ranking from most recruiting sites. Mangum was invited to the 2011 Nike Elite 11 Quarterback camp and won…

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