New York Mets Have Bounced Back

The 2016 season is only 14 games old for the Mets and its finally time to make some opinions about this years Mets team. With a record of 7-7 it isn’t great but there still shouldn’t be any cause for concern, in fact, the team has played much better as of late.

It isn’t because the team is worse than last year. In fact, it is the exact opposite. If the 2016 team was all together last year for the whole year and stayed healthy the team might have won 100 gams. Not only is the 2016 schedule harder but it will also be harder to win games as every team is going to play their best against the Mets.

I feel like I repeated myself countless times over the offseason and now we are finally seeing what I was talking about come true. Anything but a World Series Parade in early November for New York would be disappointment. However, it isn’t realistic or fair to call this a World Series or bust type of year for the Mets.

Despite last nights 5-4 extra inning loss to the rival Phillies in the city of brotherlylove, the New York Mets seem like they are pulling out of their spring training hangover as they have now won five out of seven games and have hit a bundle of homers as they seem poised to go into Atlanta and sweep the Braves in the Mets first game at Turner Field’s last year sadly.

What has made the Mets so dangerous in their past seven games has been the versatility of not only their lineup but also their starting pitching and bullpen.

For instance, Neil Walker is a force to be wrecking with in the Mets lineup. He is a switch hitter who has 250 average from the right side of the play is now batting 636. for the year from the right side. Walker can bat anywhere from 3rd through 6th in the Mets batting order and gives the Mets flexibility in where Terry Collins wants to put the scorching hot Walker.

In the rotation, with Jaccob DeGrom on maturnity leave with his new baby, Logan Verrett has proven he firmly belongs in the Mets starting rotation. In his two starts, he has a 0.00 ERA in 12 innings pitched. When DeGrom comes back, the Mets will either have huge trade bait or a pretty darn good six man rotation.

With the Mets adding extra arms to the Mets bullpen in the offseason, the Mets seem in good shape to withstand an injury to either Antonio Bastardo or Jim Henderson. Both have helped the Mets this year as they both have had strong starts.

Whatever happens, it definitely looks like they will be able to fight tooth and nail with the Washington Nationals who are off to an impressive 11-4 start. This could be a very fun summer as the rest of the baseball fans and writers will not give the respect the Mets deserve.

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