Ignoring Sample Size: The Absurdity of Playoff Systems

The Golden State Warriors are on the verge of accomplishing something no professional basketball team has ever done. 73-9. An unprecedentedly incredible season. Steph Curry has ascended into a stratosphere that I don’t know if any player ever has been able to reach. He is completely unstoppable.

Draymond Green has become what many call a poor man’s LeBron James; a guy who can do it all, tallying triple doubles like they are nothing, assisting like a top point guard and rebounding like an elite power forward and doing it all while undersized. Klay Thompson may be talked about as a superstar-type player, or at least shooter, by many more people had been on any other team.

The Spurs will finish the 2016 regular season with over 60 wins, a feat which would normally be celebrated, yet has been almost ignored because of what the Warriors are doing. Yet, there is…

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