Everything in EPL seems to be revolving around Leicester City

Leicester City is having a season of their dreams, first place in the EPL with only 11 games to go in the season, the Foxes are more than hanging on to one of the vital Top 4 Champions places that are given to the top tier of English soccer.

If anyone was to look at the EPL table, it wouldn’t be that hard to get excited if you were just a fan and didn’t have a favorite team. Chelsea is massively struggling, Manchester United is under achieving and Tottenham and Leicester are sitting second and first respectively in the table.

Despite things being very exciting, everything will become interesting if Leicester can hang on for a Champions League berth next year. The reason, is berried in the format for how the Champions League draw is done.

The way it works is that every team and every country has a UEFA Coieffenit. The coieffenit is made up of a mathematical formula based on the teams and countries results in the Champions League and Europa League. The more a team wins, the higher the coieffent goes.

England’s coieffent is very strong currently as they have the second highest rating in Europe with a number totaling 84.785. It just edges out Germany who is third with coefficient of 81.641. In 2016 Germany is going to overtake England in the rankings and England is going to slide down to 3rd. 

The top three countries in the continent are allocated four Champions spots every year that go into soccer’s best club tournament. Therefore, England would still be getting four teams in but for how much longer? Countries fourth through sixth are only allocated three berths and that would mean less representation for England at the Champions League.

In other words, if the Foxes are able to get into the Champions League, they better do well or else England will be in danger of losing 1 precious berth. For instance, the top teams in Europe already have trouble winning games in Europe. Manchester United failed to get out of the Champions League Group stage and they have one of the more expensive rosters in England.

If United have trouble, Leicester will likely have trouble as well. As Chelsea will more than likely not be competing in European soccer at all next year, England will be sending teams into european competitions more than likely with smaller roster budgets than other top teams around Europe.

Nothing wrong with parody and no disrespect to Leicester but it isn’t the same type of challenge if a strong team from Italy for example is playing at the King Power Stadium instead of Stamford Bridge.

Depending on what happens this year, and pending on the results next year. England could be down to three teams by the 2017-2018 Champions League. If that happens, there would be a major fight for the Top 3 spots and and the rich would have a chance become richer and the poor would become poorer. As it stands, it is hard right now to make the Champions League if your name is not Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool or Manchester City, (that’s how crazy this year is) however, if England went down to three spots, it would be next to impossible.

It might be a few years away, but its something to think about. England needs as many teams in Champions League as possible and going down to three teams could prevent weaker teams from getting strong players.



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