The 10 Best One-And-Done College Basketball Players Ever

When the inception of the one-and-done rule for college basketball was first established. The brand-new concept received a mixed outlook. At first it appeared that high school prodigies such as Kevin Garnett, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant would insinuate a trend of 17 year olds forgoing their college careers to eventually make millions as rookies in the NBA.

This all seemed a destined nature, until the predetermined belief changed in 2006, when the NBA instituted a rule which forced high school players to wait a year before entering the draft. Afterwards, the college basketball landscape began witnessing stars emerge from perennial high school superpowers, and thus the exclusive “one-and-done” evolution took hold. This method can now be widely seen as the most current forms of recruiting at the college level today.

In recent memory, most of these elite freshman talents broke out onto the national stage, and have achieved immediate success at the professional level. But several others it took time to peak, but yet were there at the start of it all. Here is the exclusive list of the best ever one-and-done talents that college basketball has seen.

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