One year later, Stuart Scott’s legacy lives on

One year ago yesterday, we said goodbye to a broadcast legend Stuart Scott after a seven-year battle with cancer. He carved out the best attitudes and perspectives on life while battling the disease, while doing so, he delivered one of the most inspirational speeches ever. One that exactly personified what Jim Valvano wanted when he illustrated the original “Never Give Up” speech 21 years ago. Scott famously said “you beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live.” A quote that will live on forever. No matter what struggles we go through in life that’s the best part about it.

Scott was a fixture on ESPN every time I saw him on TV. It made me smile because I knew he would make me laugh in response to one of his disparate and famous catchphrases “As cool as the other side of the pillow” or “BOO-YAH”. A couplet of quotes that makes me smile just thinking about it. He genuinely cared about everyone he worked with and the audiences he touched. A true pioneer in the sports broadcasting world and as a person that is looking to crack into the sports industry, has greatly inspired me. He was so grateful with his words and how he carried himself in front of the camera!

Scott made the best out of an unfortunate situation living life to the fullest every minute he had! He may be gone, but his life and legacy will live on forever!!

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