Leicester City is Defining Odds with Impressive Start

Leicester City is reeking the benefits of an unbelievably blazing start in the English Premier League, something that not even their fans saw coming. Predicted by most experts to be relegated at the start of the year, they have done the unthinkable and have climbed to the top of the EPL Table after 16 games.

At this time last year, Leicester was in strong position of getting relegated before a marvelous run in the second half of the season, which saved them from dropping down to the second-tier of English Football.

Up until yesterday, it was hard to believe Leicester would gain recognition from their robust outburst. What was visioned seemingly as a pipe dream, has suddenly converted into an exciting and invigorating playing style for the fans. Their chancy, yet rather unrealistic streak was kept pace with a statement victory over defending Premier League champions Chelsea, 2-1, in a game that featured another break through performance from striker Jamie Vardy, who recently has simply came out of nowhere by having scored 14 goals in 16 games.

For some, this can be depicted as a confidence boost that the Foxes can continue to build upon. In a sport that is no stranger to the lack of parity amongst payrolls, it is great to see a small-market club competing and attaining team success in large quantities.

Last year it was Southampton emerging out of nowhere to eventually finish the second of their season strong. Although, Southampton evidently sputtered out and finished 7th in the league. Only time will tell if Leicester City can maintain the impressive start for the entire season.

To put everything in perspective of just how Leicester City is doing it. Vardy, their leading goal scorer, only netted five EPL goals last year. After all, this is coming from a player who never scored for England’s National team. Sometimes a change of scenery is all that’s in the way of re-energizing a player’s career. For Leicester City, it hasn’t just been Vardy who has sprouted under a new regime. Center midfielder N’golo Kante and wing Riyad Maherez have initialized togetherness and stability. Now, fueled off a “underdog” approach, everyone on the Foxes roster has put their broad egos aside for the sake of the team.

In an environment where money is everything. It’s an uncommon sight to detect a small club relishing extended success. Hopefully, Leicester City can keep its stunning wins going. However, just like all sports, nothing is a given.

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