Euro 2016 Draw set for Saturday

The Euro 2016 draw for the European Championships will take place tomorrow in Palais des Congrès de la Porte Maillot in Paris tomorrow at 9AM PT 12PM ET. In Canada, the draw can be seen on TSN 4, while in the Sates it will be televised on ESPN2.

In the new 24 team format, teams have been allocated to four pots of six teams. France, which is the host team is automatically placed in Group A and have also been given the #1.

Pot #1

Spain (Ranked 2nd)

Germany (Ranked 1st)

England (Ranked 3rd)

Portugal (Ranked 4th)

Belgium (Ranked 5th)

Pot #2

Italy (Ranked 6th)

Russia (Ranked 9th)

Switzerland (Ranked 10th)

Austria (Ranked 11th)

Crotia (Ranked 12th)

Ukraine (Ranked 14th)

Pot #3

Czech Republic (Ranked 15th)

Sweden (Ranked 16th)

Poland (Ranked 17th)

Romania (Ranked 18th)

Slovakia (Ranked 19th)

Hungary (Ranked 20th)

Pot #4 

Turkey (Ranked 22nd)

Republic of Ireland (Ranked 23rd)

Iceland (27th)

Wales (Ranked 28th)

Northern Ireland (31st

Albania (Ranked 33rd)

The draw has been extremely important in past years, meaning the last two European Champions have went on to win the tournament. In fact, the winner of this tournament will go on to represent Europe in the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia. In the case that Russia or Germany win the tournament, the next best team will move on. The Confederations Cup is a smaller type of World Cup that happens in the country that is scheduled to host the World Cup the following year.

Hardest Group: Spain, Italy, Sweden and WalesOut of the four pots, one team from each pot will be divided to the six different groups. Here are the possible Hardest Groups and weakest groups:

Easiest Group: Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary and Iceland

With the expanded format, four out of the six teams will make it to the round of 16, which is also new to Euro 2016. In previous additions, teams that advanced to the knockout stage went directly to the Quarterfinals.

The team worth pulling for in Europe is Sweden. A small country with huge fan support and in most years a very competitive team. This year in pot 3, they could be looking at a very challenging group in June.

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