College Football World has turned upside down

Over the last couple of days, many high-profile stories on the collegiate level has exploded. From suspensions, to resignations. Here is a run through of what went down.

Florida quarterback Will Grier suspended rest of season

The Florida Gator football program was finally returning to relevance and consistency under new head coach Jim McElwain. The team is 6-0 and has manufactured numerous upset wins’, especially a destruction over the Ole Miss Rebels in Gainesville who at the time was ranked #3 the polls. For their good play, the Gators have been granted a ranking 0f 8th in the country.

A selfish decision from true freshman quarterback Will Grier has changed the course of their season and a player’s reputation and future has changed forever. It was announced Monday that quarterback Will Grier has been suspended for an entire year for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Up to this point, Grier had it all going for him. He was a clear catalyst for bringing Florida back to winning football and his stock was rising increasingly as a potential dark horse Heisman candidate. Now, he’s thrown all of that away and now the program will have to focus on finishing their season on a strong note without their freshman leader. There are a wide variety of options that new head coach McElwain can game-plan. First off, Treon Harris, who has already been in troubled waters with his eligibility is by all costs the next man up at quarterback.

Harris started during the later portion of 2014 as a freshman. He was beaten out by Grier in summer ball, but has evolved into a dual threat that the Gators can rely on. His arm strength is definitely not to the level of Grier’s, which was one reason for his back-up selection. However, despite his weaker arm strength, Harris’ speed should be incorporated a lot more in read options. Before conference play, McElwain installed a two-QB system in order for both Harris and Grier to receive plenty of live game situations. As this season has progressed however, he has slowly turned away from it.

It might take several drives for Harris to become in sync with the overall pace of the offense. But with Kelvin Taylor, who is a top rusher in the SEC is a game changer that Harris can fall back on if need be. Everything is still set-up for Florida to make this season memorable, but this week’s game at LSU and later down the road against Georgia will be more problematic without Grier under center. For Will Grier’s case, who will now have to put his premature ego aside for next fall, must change his ways fast in hope to save his legacy. Hopefully the mistake he made last week will resonate higher and force him to learn from it.

The Old ball coach resigns at South Carolina

The legendary coach Steve Spurrier, who has transformed the Southeastern conference announced his resignation on Tuesday. The time of the decision is a bit of a head scratcher, but in a season that is going nowhere fast he felt it was time for the program to start over and regain their winning culture that Spurrier had previously installed. Some people felt that he walked out on the program, but in a situation like Spurrier’s, who took a conference doormat for decades into a consistent, winning team. The juncture to say that he left South Carolina out to dry after years of bringing them to relevance is an embryonic statement. He did everything he could for countless years. It wasn’t to the nature he had  planned, but the legacy he will carry on for years will leave a mark in college football for decades to follow.

Spurrier transformed college football and touched so many of his player’s lives on and off the field, he should be loved throughout the sports world.

USC Football is a hot mess right now

The University of Southern California football program is in shambles; right now they’re trying to pick up the pieces after having to fire coach Steve Sarkisian who has been battling alcohol abuse problems. It’s something that had to be done because it’s been reported he was drunk on the sidelines during games and at school gatherings so it was appropriate to take this course of action.

However, it should be clear that questioning athletic director Pat Haden’s decisions and how he’s running the football program at this time needs to be enforced. Because since Pete Carroll left for the Seahawks after 2010, its been a revolving door for USC at the head coaching position. It takes time to rebuild college programs and right now USC has fully recovered from prior sanctions, in addition the talent from past recruiting classes have finally landed in Southern Cal. On paper, USC shouldn’t be having these types of problems on the field, given that their talent is beginning to retake it’s older persona. Internally, however, Haden must find the right man to run the historic Trojan program long-term. The next coach must be very experienced and has a track record that can help turn this program back around. Pat Haden for now is on the hot seat considering his recent choices have put the football program in questionable situations lately, and if something doesn’t change, perhaps it’s time for USC to look elsewhere.

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