Top 10 Players in Indiana Basketball History

10. Mike Woodson

Mike Woodson


Shooting Guard

Career Points: 2,061 

 Career Rebounds: 581

Woodson’s Hoosier career started off with a bang. An instant scorer throughout his four-years, he averaged 18.2 points per game as a freshman, and that was his lowest mark during his career. Overall, Woodson’s claim to fame was not just a scorer, but how he scored. Seemingly he found a way to put the ball into the basket game after game.

It wasn’t always conventional, but Woodson attempted 537 free throws and made 419 in his career. Although his performance as a rebounder and defender wasn’t optimal, Woodson managed well considering how efficient of a shooter he was. As a career, he shot 50% from the field. Moving on, Woodson’s point total elevated in every season he played, especially as a junior, where he led the team in scoring with 22.4. Despite his senior year, where he missed half the season with an injury. Woodson’s career was substantial. Collectively, he amassed a career 2,061 points, 581 rebounds, and his average points per game spread out from 104 games was 19.8.

Ranking Woodson was a tricky situation. If you go by daily numbers and the impact he made  offensively, he for sure deserves a much higher ranking. But given the fewer amount of games he played-in with regard to the others on this list is noticeable. All around Woodson’s career shouldn’t be ignored, he fit into Knight’s coaching system admirably early on. It might not have run smoothly, but Woodson did almost everything right when he was a Hoosier.

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