Week 4 NFL Recap

Close games were the theme in Week 4 as 8 games were decided by 3 points or less (two games were decided in OT).  The Ravens/Steelers opened the week in an epic AFC North battle while the Seahawks/Lions played in an equally competitive Monday night game that was decided by a blown call.

While Detroit does stand as the only winless team in the NFL, this doesn’t come close to resembling the 0-16 version.  The Lions have played the toughest schedule in the NFL. Certainly, things don’t get any easier this week (home against Arizona), but the Lions have enough talent to avoid a repeat of 2008.  We also saw the 1st head coach casualty of the season.  Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long.


Thursday night started off with a bang.  Baltimore picked up a much-needed victory in OT over the Steelers. Mike Tomlin is surely feeling the heat because of his decision to not attempt a FG in OT, but Scobee had already missed two in the 4th quarter. Speaking of kickers, Cleveland was beaten on the dreaded missed kick, defensive off-sides, made kick scenario that seems to follow bad teams. Josh McCown played well again, the Browns always seem to find a way to lose a game. The Jets manhandled the Dolphins in London.

Don’t let the final score fool you, this game was never close. It ended up costing Joe Philbin his job.  The Bengals used a balance attack to dispose of the Chiefs 36-21. The Broncos finally got something going on the ground (24 carries, 144 yards, 6 yards/carry) in a tough win at home against Minnesota.  And it was circa 2007 in Indianapolis as the 40-year-old Matt Hasselbeck led the Colts to a 16-13 overtime victory against the Jaguars.



The Carolina Panthers stayed perfect after beating up on the Buccaneers 37-23.  Sam Bradford finally played acceptable football, but the Eagles still lost a close game at Fed Ex field to the Redskins. The Bears left the land of the winless by picking up a win over the Raiders. Bears fans have to pleased with how good Jay Cutler looked this weekend (28-43, 281 yards, 2 TDs). Of course it was against to was Oakland, but the Bears need anything they can get.

The Falcons demolished the Texans at home 48-21. Aaron Rodgers looked human, but Green Bay didn’t need a super hero to beat San Francisco. St. Louis played almost a perfect game in knocking off Arizona. If Todd Gurley can be the workhorse back many thought he would be, the Rams could have a shot in the suddenly wide-open NFC.


Top Performances

  1. Phillip Rivers – 358 passing yards, 3 TDs in the win.
  2. Chris Ivory – 29 carries, 161 rushing yards, 1 TD in a win.
  3. Todd Gurley – 19 carries 146 yards.


Worst Performances

  1. Carlos Hyde – 8 carries 20 yards in a loss.
  2. Arian Foster – 8 carries 10 yards in a loss.
  3. Golden Tate – 3 catches 29 yards in a loss.

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