NFL Week 3 Recap

Week 3 is in the books and quite a bit changed from the previous week. Seven teams still stand undefeated; four remain win-less (down from 9 last week). Of the defeated, Baltimore stands out as the biggest surprise. The offense (passing at least) has been able to do its’ job; but the defense is getting shredded to the tune of 28 pts allowed/game, 303 passing yards allowed and 105 rushing yards. Things won’t get any easier for the Ravens with a pivotal match-up against the wounded Steelers in Pittsburgh. Who knew losing Terrell Suggs would make this much of an impact? And what is the world coming to when the Jaguars are tied for 1st place with a below .500 record after getting demolished by New England?



The Colts eked out a much-needed win against the Titans. Andrew Luck made enough plays down the stretch to pick up the win, but it must be concerning for Indy considering they have turned the ball over a combined nine times this season. The Browns benched “Johnny Football” and were rewarded with a home loss to the Raiders. McCown played well (341 yards & 2 TDs), but there are rumblings in Cleveland that the team isn’t too happy with the move. Chemistry is a fragile thing and the Browns brass are teetering on self-destruction with questionable personnel moves. The Bengals took care of the Ravens to move to 3-0, while the Patriots destroyed the Jaguars to the tune of 51-17.  Tyrod Taylor continues his impressive season by dropping 277 yards and 3 TDs on the Dolphins. Right now, Miami appears to be a team that is starting to look like a major disappointment. After having such high expectations to start the year.  The defense has been bad (26th in total yards allowed), questions linger that maybe the team is better off with Suh calling the plays, but this is still undetermined.


The Falcons stayed undefeated by beating a depleted Cowboys team in Dallas. Is Atlanta this good, or has the schedule been this bad? Speaking of schedules, people are talking about Patriots going undefeated. Has anyone looked at Atlanta’s upcoming schedule? Home against Houston & Washington then road games at New Orleans and Tennessee.  Atlanta has a really good chance to start November 7-0.

The Giants left the land of the win-less by picking up an important divisional win against the hapless Redskins. With the injury issues in Dallas, the Giants just need to stay close because there is enough talent in New York to make a run in the NFC East. Carolina stayed unbeaten by taking down the Brees-less Saints. Its early, but Cam Newton should be in the MVP conversation based on his play this year. Is there a QB in the NFL who is doing more with the talent provided than Super-Cam? Braford was bad, but the Eagles got a great game from Ryan Matthews and its’ special teams to beat the then undefeated Jets. Currently, Bradford boasts a total QBR of 24.4.  To put that stat in perspective, an average NFL QB will finish a game with a 50.0 QBR. Maybe the Eagles should give Mark Sanchez a chance because the Eagles have talent and the QB spot is standing out as their weakest link. The Arizona Cardinals are still looking like the most complete team in football after the thrashing they put on the 49ers (47-7). In Detroit, the Lions can’t get anything going on offense. Joque Bell has 20 carries for 22 yards this season. Not only should Caldwell start calling the plays, but Detroit should make Ameer Abdullah the full-time starter at RB.

Top Performances

  1. Aaron Rodgers – 333 passing yards, 5 TDs in the win on Monday night football.
  2. Davonta Freeman – 30 carries, 141 rushing yards, 3 TDs in a win.
  3. AJ Green – 10 catches (13 targets), 227 receiving yards, 2 TDS in a win.

Honorable Mention:  Andy Dalton (383, 3 TD, 1 rushing TD); Newton (315, 2 TDs, 33 yards rushing 1 TD); Olsen (8 catches for 134 yards & 2 TDs); Arizona Defense (Held the 49ers to 156 yards of offense; 7 pts; 4 INTS and 2 defensive touchdowns).


Worst Performances:

  1. Colin Kaepernick – 9/19, 67 yards, 4 INTs (total QBR 3.2) in a loss.
  2. Terrance Williams – 0 catches on 3 targets in the loss to ATL.
  3. Roddy White – 0 catches for the 2nd straight game.

Honorable Mention: Torrey Smith (0 catches); CJ Anderson ( 8 carries for 18 yards); Jeremy Hill (12 carries for 21 yards); Miami Defense (41 pts, 151 rushing yards and 428 total yards); Jacksonville Defense (51 pts, 346 passing yards, 125 rushing yards allowed).

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