College Football Previews: Pac 12

Moving down the line to our conference previews, the next conference in line to talk about is the Pac 12. After finishing off it’s best bowl season in years, where a combined eight teams went 6-3. Overall, the Pac 12 features the nation’s best quarterbacks from Cody Kessler at USC to Cal’s Jared Goff, as well as many other distinguished storylines.

The buzz will  for sure around the quarterbacks, but many of the best linebackers and receivers are also found along the west coast. Over the duration of last season, many teams were in contention of making the college football playoff. Of course the defending conference champion Oregon clinched a spot in the inaugural playoffs and dazzled in the Rose Bowl, before being knocked off in the National Championship Game against Ohio State.

Many feel that with the pro-ready quarterbacks coming back for another season, plus the depth mixed in amongst the divisions. That the Pac 12 might be the new kings of college football. This title will be undetermined until the season begins, but you have to like everyone’s shots altogether.

Starting out, this preview will broken up between the Pac 12 North and South divisions, ultimately this will then determine the match-up in the conference championship game, resolving in the winner.

So let’s started.

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