Trout Continues to Amaze

This year’s All-Star game proved to be a very entertaining experience in the great city of Cincinnati. Where it provided a record number of home runs throughout the Home Run Derby, with 159 total including the hometown hero Cincinnati third baseman Todd Frazier becoming the second player ever to win in his home ballpark. All of this converted for great build up to Tuesday night’s Midsummer classic that saw Angel’s superstar Mike Trout make MLB history by becoming the first player ever to win back-to-back All-Star MVPs.

A career that has just begun, his remarkable, almost unhuman-like abilities has continued to leave a mark on everyone around him. By asking themselves, “How does he do that?” on every play. In just four years in the majors, Trout has not only become the face of the Angels, but he has revolutionized the baseball industry, almost making himself “must-see TV”. In his short career, he is batting .306 with 124 homers, and 362 runs batted in. One aspect to his game that has progressively become overshadowed is his insane speed on the base paths. While everyone knows Trout’s mix of acceleration and awareness has made him into one of the best defensive outfielders in the game,  but his 111 stolen bases so far in his career speaks volumes to his all-around game. For now, Trout is already a five-tool player that is still getting better at his craft . He has already won the rookie of the year award and the MVP. In some cases, if it weren’t for Miguel Cabrera, Trout could have won three All-Star MVPs in a row. Given that he is just 23 years of age, it is remarkable to think what he still has left in him.

Mike Trout has become a symbol for young baseball athletes everywhere. Through his defense on the field or his electrifying bat. (Photo Courtesy of
Mike Trout has become a symbol for young baseball athletes everywhere. Through his defense on the field or his electrifying bat. (Photo Courtesy of


He has definitely taken the game of baseball by storm and currently there are no signs of him relinquishing the pace that he is on. However, as great of a player he is, he is an even better person, by staying humble through all the success he has amounted at such a young age. Some believed that after Derek Jeter retired last season, that baseball would be losing out of young, promising stars to regain baseball’s past lore. After witnessing what Trout has been able to do, there shouldn’t be any worry over the future of baseball the next 10-15 years.  Mike Trout is going to continue to make MLB history through remarkable highlights, whether it’s from his glove or his bat. Trout will continue to lead baseball’s aspiring players to the top.

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