Alex Rodriguez is the Biggest All-Star Snub

The All-Star festivities got underway Monday night with a fantastic Home Run Derby that saw their hometown hero Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier become the second player to win in his home ballpark. An awesome build-up for Tuesday night’s Midsummer classic, but while most of the selections were worthy. There was one notable omission on the American League side that provides inquiry, and that is the snubbing of Yankees designated hitter Alex Rodriguez.

The Stats Don’t Lie

Love him or hate him, he is having a remarkable start to the 2015 season and at times has carried the Yankees offense. An offense that has been stagnant during the season. He is batting .271, has crushed 18 home runs and driven in 51 runs. Not to mention he also has a .900 OPS, and everyone that has a 900 OPS or higher is on the All-Star team this year with the exception of Rodriguez. Guaranteed if you had told the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez himself that those were the numbers he would put up in the first half, both would have taken it. So far, he has defied father time at almost 40 years old and two surgically repaired hips later it’s downright amazing what he has been able to put up in the final stages of his career.

The reality is his reputation will never be clean, but he has done and said everything right this season and has simply let his play do the talking. That’s something we can all appreciate from an athlete that has had a tumultuous life and career. Possibly, the only reason he wasn’t selected to the team is because he is behind a stacked position at DH, which consists of heavy hitters such as Nelson Cruz, Albert Pujols, and Prince Fielder. This is one revealing aspect of just how deep every position is in Major League Baseball.

Who knows how the season will end for Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees. Nonetheless, the Yankees would not be in first place without Rodriguez’s resurgence and that is a fact even when dealing with the topsy-turvy nature of the AL East. As every milestone continues to be broken by Rodriguez, you can think of what you want, but in the very essence that he has lugged himself this season shows the very respectable  numbers he’s put to help lead his team to wins. This for now is all that matters to the Yankees.

While many of you may disagree with this claim. There is no doubt that Rodriguez has disproved almost every theory set out for him. In every way, Rodriquez snubbing in this year’s All-Star Game won’t mean a ton when regarding his legacy. Yet, the numbers don’t lie, they are All-Star game worthy, and there is no arguments to suggest otherwise.

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