DeAndre Jordan and the No Good, Very Bad Plan


Part One: The Wreckage

“You don’t understand. Willy was a salesman.”  –Charley, Death of a Salesman

The Dallas Mavericks are dead.

This probably doesn’t matter to you. If they’re not your team, you’re either sympathetic or you’re not. Maybe you found it all entertaining—I know some did.

But if they are your team, it bites pretty bad. I would even say real bad.

It’s not the biggest deal in the world. The words are dramatic but an accurate statement of the prospects of the franchise in the immediate future, but it’s not…

Well. Luckily, there never has been a moment when I wouldn’t trade every good moment the Mavericks and I have had together for the health and happiness of those I love. Sports occupies an outsized emotional role in my life for its absolute importance, but not so outsized.

Still, something has happened here. A lot of somethings. My…

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