A Panther for life

The Carolina Panthers have benefited from a great off-season, as they have been able to address every weakness that was exposed during last season. An upgrade to the special teams and offensive line, set up from low-cost veteran players have so far been the difference maker heading into mid-June work outs.

The signings of quarterback Cam Newton and linebacker Thomas Davis to contract extensions have also become incentives for the organization. Both, are crucial play makers in order for the Panthers to succeed as a whole, which is something the franchise can build around. These two leaders during the off-season shows that the Panthers understand loyalty and are doing everything they can to provide another winning product out on the football field.

Thomas Davis Impact on Panthers

Thomas Davis signed a two-year, $18 million dollar contract extension with the team a few weeks ago, ensuring that he will be a Panther for his entire career. In sports nowadays, it is rare to see a player stick with the same team that drafted him, especially when dealing with the amount of money that is thrown at players’ faces today. For once, Thomas Davis’ decision to stay in the Queen City is a relief, almost a blessing. He has exhibited many qualities early on in his career, such as loyalty. But another one he at times exemplifies is perseverance.

In other words, most of the time it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the blooming Davis. Remember, he has recovered from a torn ACL three times; many athletes struggle to come back from just one alone. In fact, regularly, the after effects are more damaging, as after the ACL is torn, most players lose their past explosiveness. That is not the case for Thomas Davis at all, who even with the lingering side effects, has came back stronger than ever. A remarkable feat for anyone to overcome, but for Davis, maintaining a confident attitude proved to be the deciding factor.

Through adversity, he has become one of the best linebackers in the NFL today. As of now, the stats he has produced, while starting his 12th year in the league this upcoming fall is quite astounding. He has totaled 739 tackles, 17.5 sacks and six interceptions. A player who has seen everything come his way, he not only let’s his play do the talking on the football field, but composes himself as a great leader to his younger teammates.


What he does on the field is remarkable, yet what he accounts for during his time off the field is even more incredible. Davis’ involvement with the Panthers’ thrives from starting family charitable organizations, that allows families and children to have a place to learn and develop a bright future for themselves. His time and dedication, that has guided kids to succeed is a testament to his clear perspective on life. For his hard work as a role model for people you her than him, he was awarded the 2015 Man of the Year award.

As everyone else can see, Thomas Davis is not only a great player, but also a better person. He is a special player for the Panthers franchise, evolving into a fan favorite for the rest of Carolina to embrace with.

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