Winning the Group even with a slow start is the best thing for Canadian Soccer

The Canadian Women’s National soccer team secured a top spot in Group A with a 1-1 tie against the Netherlands at the FIFA Women’s World Cup held in Canada. Despite the slow start to the tournament for the Canadians, the fact that Canada has won Group A, while seemingly underachieving proves to be a major success for Canada. Rewind four years earlier in Germany, and getting out of the group stage looked impossible. It is important to keep in mind that because the Canadians are hosts’ in this years World Cup, Canada was benefitted with a formidable group this year.
One win, two draws and two clean sheets has put the Canadians in a great position to advance to the Quarterfinals and better yet the Semi Finals.Before we think to far ahead, lets take a look at where this Canadian Women’s soccer team lines up against the other teams in the world. It is safe to say, since Canada’s bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics in London, expectations have skyrocketed to astronomical levels for the FIFA World Cup in 2015. Playing at home, also adds massive pressure to the Canadians. However, it also should generate recognition towards Canada, if they should go up against a World power such as Brazil, Germany or the USA.Right now, Canada is in a better position than most people think. Currently standing at the top of the group, even without playing their best soccer yet. While there is no relatively large target on the Canadians back.
The fans are starting to come to a realization that Canadian Women’s soccer finally can compete with the world’s best. Fans want them to be in the same category as the top teams in the world and the best part of all, it seems as if bronze medals aren’t good enough for Canada anymore. Time will tell if these expectations are unfairly put on Canadian Women’s soccer. In contrast, if this team would have ran the table with three dominate performances, perhaps fans would have grasped a more clearer attitude. But that is not the case, because by winning the group, fans know the best might still be to come, which in turn, should provide Canadians hope that these expectations are to here to stay. If that is the case, Canada might be building something special. Christine Sinclair has taken Canada on her shoulders in the last three years hoping to lead Canada to unthinkable heights.Right now, Canada awaits their next opponent and there is a good chance it could be Columbia or Australia. Though, both teams should be favorable for Canada.

All that can be said for now is, that Canadians have seen these expectations rise in Men’s and Women’s tennis the last couple of years. Now, it is the Women’s soccer’s turn for expectations to rise and maintain their high standard. Canadians are finally gaining interest in a sport that has taken the Western Hemisphere by storm, and it is great to see. For Canada, searching for a way to get to the Quarterfinals or Semis, will strengthen expectations for the club, and undoubtedly grow the involvement of the sport within the country along the way.

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