A small breakdown over Cam Newton’s five year contract extension

The Queen City was jumping for joy yesterday when they signed quarterback Cam Newton to a five-year, $103.8 million dollar extension. This deal came at a perfect time for the organization as he was entering the last year of his rookie contract. Which now allows him to focus on football and bringing the Lombardi trophy back to Carolina.

The Contract Breakdown

2015 Signing Bonus- $1,000,000
2016 Signing Bonus- $13,000,000
2017  Signing Bonus- $13,666,666
2018  Signing Bonus- $15,000,000
2019  Signing Bonus- $16,700,000
2020  Signing Bonus- $19,100,000

Why this deal makes so much sense

The NFL is no doubt a passing league and having a trustworthy quarterback leading you game-by-game is mandatory. Cam Newton has done that since entering the league in 2011, where he has put up video game type numbers that have forced opposing defensive coordinators to change up their schemes constantly. In just four years he has 14,426 passing yards and 82 touchdowns, but let’s not forget he is a dual threat coming out of the backfield. In addition, he has rushed for 2,571 yards and 33 touchdowns. His ability to create off of broken plays is jaw-dropping at times, while they seem strenuous, he has made it look so easy for so long.

The production on the field speaks for itself and shows why the Panthers were so eager to lock up Newton, but the leadership qualities on the field and the willingness to do anything to help his team win also played a huge part in getting this deal done.

This also shows the loyalty and trust the Panthers have in Newton to lead them to the promise land and finally bring the Queen City a much anticipated championship. By being a role model for adoring fans, such as handing out footballs away after every score. A trait that not all players exhibit on a regular basis, and for Newton, establishes a trademark that everyone loves about him. By being the complete package for the Panthers , his play on the field is unmatched as well as his passion for the game bleeds through on every play.

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